All Eyes on: Rice

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Rice, rice baby! This week I want to give all my love to rice as a skincare ingredient. Many East Asian countries are known for using fermented rice water for centuries. It’s an ingredient that is bountiful and simple to use.

Components like starch, vitamins, and proteins in rice are very beneficial for the skin. Some advantages include antioxidants, vitamin B and vitamin E. Rice ferment helps brighten, soften, and tone the skin. It is extremely beneficial in fading dark spots or hyperpigmentation. Fermented rice also assists in speeding up the cell turnover rate. Rice bran can be used for gentle exfoliation. Rice water has also been known to help hair growth.

You can easily make rice water at home by cooking organic rice. Make sure there is more water than usual so there will be water left over. Once it’s complete, drain the water out and let it sit for a day at room temperature. This will allow the rice to ferment.

When the rice water smells sour, that means it’s fermented. The next step is to boil again, and then let it cool down. Now it should be ready to rinse your face or hair with. You can also add pure essential oils like tea tree or lavender for added benefits.

I love to make a lot of my own body products, but sometimes beauty companies are better at getting the proper ratio of ingredients, and getting them to work more effectively for your skin. There are tons of skincare lines using fermented rice lately, and I’ve been loving it.

Here are a few products I’ve tried that have been working well for me:

Then I Met You, Soothing Tea Cleansing Gel

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I recently reviewed this product in the Then I Met You Cleansing Duo post, but I’ll give this cleanser another shout out because it’s revolutionary. This cleanser contains rice ferment filtrate, which has tons of enzymes and amino acids. They help to nourish and brighten the skin.

Other beneficial ingredients include licorice root, green tea, tea tree, centella asiatica, and gentle PHAs.  The texture of this product is very bouncy and it cleanses the skin so gently with a pH of 6. This product is somewhat pricey but it is definitely worth a try. I have noticed softer, balanced skin that is super clean with no dryness. You can purchase it on their website.

Tony Moly, Wonder Rice Smoothing Toner

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I also discussed this product in my toner post, but it’s absolutely worth another mention. It’s contains rice ferment filtrate, apple extract, and sugarcane extract. The rice ferment filtrate gives it that cloudy consistency, and is key for softening and brightening the skin.

The Wonder Rice Smoothing Toner is great for all skin types. I liked using this toner because it was super hydrating, brightened my uneven skin tone, and it lasts forever! The product definitely smells like rice, but it’s elevated and reminds me of a home-y smell if that makes sense.  $23 for 17 oz. is pretty astounding. I would absolutely repurchase this. You can find it on Soko Glam.

Neogen, Real Micro Ferment Essence

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This essence is a cult classic that I have purchased several times. The Neogen essence has 93% fermented ingredients including bifida ferment lysate, saccharomyces ferment filtrate, and rice ferment filtrate. Fermented ingredients are amazing for really moisturizing, healing, and plumping the skin. Other star ingredients include birch juice, green tea, hyaluronic acid, adenosine, and niacinamide.

I always, always, always have honey skin (super dewy skin) when I use this essence. It helps brighten my skin and heal any blemishes. This essence is a little pricey, but it usually lasts me a while as the bottle holds about 5 oz. I pour a few drops into my palm and pat into the skin. My skin instantly becomes bouncy and bright when I use this, no joke! I love to layer it two to three times during the colder months too. You can purchase this product on Soko Glam.

Botanic Farm, Rice Ferment First Essence

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The Botanic Farm essence is great for killing two birds with one stone. Not only do ingredients like fermented rice water, licorice root extract, and hyaluronic acid hydrate the skin, but lactic acid also exfoliates.

This product is gentle enough for daily use. It’s a power house when it comes to fading dark spots. Both fermented rice water and lactic acid work together in double time. I always see quick results with this. My skin becomes brighter, softer, and more plump by the next day. Soko Glam calls this product “youth in a bottle” and I so agree. This essence is a moderate price for the quality, and it lasts a good while.

The Plant Base, Quesera Ceramide

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The Quesera Ceramide has been a miracle worker for me. It’s an ampoule, or highly concentrated serum. It contains over 74% rice water, rice protein, rice bran oil, niacinamide, ceramide, and several calming natural oils. This little bottle packs a punch! I look forward to using it every night.

I always see extremely bright, plump, and dewy skin. This ampoule makes a huge difference when it comes to acne scars and active breakouts. It speeds up the cell turnover and quickly heals blemishes. This ampoule is a normal price, but I always wish there was more product because I love it so much. There is only .68 fl. oz. in a bottle. Please make a bigger size The Plant Base!

COSRX, Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask

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This was the first sleeping pack I tried and I still love it. It used to come in a jar, but I’m happy that COSRX changed the packaging. I find tubes easier to use and travel with. The product contains 65% rice extract, sunflower seed oil, and niacinamide.

This rice mask is extremely hydrating. I always wake up with moisturized skin the morning after using it, without any breakouts. It brightens and nourishes the skin. This mask is light enough to be used as a daytime moisturizer too.

There are so many products out there now that incorporate rice in some way. Here is one I’ve yet to try, but look forward to testing:

Tatcha, The Rice Polish: Deep

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What rice products have you tried? Leave me a comment and let me know.



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  1. Alexia says:

    I’ve recently been using the rice toner by I’m FROM. It feels very luxurious and it’s great. Not heavy at all but very moisturizing and brightening 🙂


    1. skinquench says:

      I’ve heard of this one as well! I’ll have to check it out! 😄


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