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Product Review

Nature Goddess Skincare is a gem that I came  across on Instagram. This brand is focused on creating quality products with nature-based ingredients. All their products are cruelty-free and hand made in small batches for guaranteed freshness. One of the things that really drew me to this brand is that every product is made without chemicals, perfumes, or dyes. There are also no preservatives or GMOs. None of the products contain water, which means they are 100% pure and undiluted. Not to mention, all the beautiful artwork on the packaging is hand painted by the owner and creator, Lydia Spencer.

As much as I love big brand and luxury skincare,  I think it’s extremely important to support small businesses too. Nature Goddess Skincare is a woman-owned, small business based in Maine. I always feel like celebrating when I discover a business like this! I reached out to Lydia through Instagram, and she generously gifted me a few products I wanted to try.

DISCLAIMER: All my product reviews are 100% honest. I typically test out products for 2 weeks or more. While these items were gifted, this post is not sponsored. Now, let’s get into the products I tried.

Green Goddess Balancing Floral Hydrosol Toner

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This balancing toner has a short, but powerful ingredient list. It contains lavender, lemon verbena, and German chamomile hydrosols (or “flower waters”).  There is also lemongrass and tea tree essential oil. At first, I found the scent of this toner to be a tad strong and overwhelming. I’m familiar with all the ingredients, but I think the way the tea tree and lemongrass combine was shocking to my senses. After using it a couple of times I’ve grown to like the natural smell. Besides, I find that the effects are worth it.

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The mist quality is nice. It provides a fine mist which I enjoy. It does cover a wide surface area so be careful what you are misting near. The ingredients in this toner really do help balance out your skin. I think the tea tree is extremely beneficial in keeping bacteria from spreading. While I love how it calms my skin, I find that using this toner alone isn’t moisturizing enough. I’ve adjusted by spritzing my face with this toner, and then swiping a more moisturizing toner across my face (on top of the balancing toner). It has been amazing for prepping my skin and starting with a smooth surface.

Green Goddess Detoxifying Face Mask

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This detoxifying mask reminded me how much I love a good clay mask! The ingredients are French green clay, matcha, tea tree oil, and lemongrass oil. I love everything in here for the antibacterial properties. The clay especially will help to suck out any gunk clogging your pores and you can tell! As this mask dries on your face, you can see the separation of hardened clay. That’s where the oils are being absorbed.

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This clay mask comes in powder form, which I love. It’s always fun getting to mix things together like a scientist. Using products like this also means that your mask will be fresh every time you apply.

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Once you’ve added equal parts powder and water, you should have a nice paste that’s liquid enough to apply, but not too runny. This mask has a very earthy smell to it. There are undertones of tea tree and lemongrass for sure, but the matcha really comes through. I love earthy scents, but some may not be too fond of it.

Again, I feel that the effects are worth enduring the smell if you don’t like it. This mask gives you that satisfying, tight clay feeling. Please take note that a mask like this may only be helpful for those who have normal to oily or acne-prone skin. It would probably be too drying for someone with dry or sensitive skin.

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You should leave the mask on long enough to dry. Once it get’s tight and dry, you can rinse off and reveal baby smooth, pore-less skin. Whether it’s blemishes that disappeared or ones that have been brought to the surface for extraction, I notice results the next day as well. Just be sure to moisturize really well after washing it off. True clay masks like this tend to be a bit drying. This mask was my favorite product from this batch. It will last a long time too since you should only be using it 2 to 3 times a week. Highly recommend!

Egyptian Goddess Night Repairing Beauty Balm

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The Egyptian Night Repair Beauty Balm is my second favorite product from this bunch. I will admit, I was a bit skeptical upon receiving it. This face balm contains shea butter, which is very thick and heavy. I was nervous about this clogging my pores, but it was not an issue at all. Other ingredients are olive oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, beeswax, raw honey, bee propolis, royal jelly, rose absolute, frankinsence, and myrrh. Such a powerhouse!

I was mostly excited to try this because all the ingredients are said to be used by ancient Egyptians, including Cleopatra. Naturally I wanted to feel luxurious and powerful. The ingredients are super moisturizing. The balm also contains several bee by-product ingredients, which are super antibacterial and moisturizing. Lastly, frankincense is amazing for preventing acne as well as increasing the cell turnover rate.

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The texture is like hardened butter, but once it hits warm skin it melts instantly. There isn’t much of a scent, except maybe a faint frankinsence smell. From the first time I used this balm, I noticed ridiculously moisturized and smooth skin the next morning. Surprisingly, it has been helping keep breakouts at bay, as well as fade my dark spots. You could probably use this balm during the day too, just be light handed. It’s very thick, so a little goes a long way. I love when that’s the case because the product will last you a while. I would absolutely purchase this, especially during the winter.

Aphrodite Face & Body Scrub

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This face and body scrub is a great go-to when you have dry, flakey skin. I personally like to use chemical exfoliants, but for someone who wants something gentler this would be perfect. The exfoliating component is organic sugar, so it will not cause any tears in your skin. The product also includes grapeseed oil, vegetable glycerin, rose absolute, and rose petals. A scrub like this should be used 2 to 3 times a week.

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There is a very faint rose scent. I love how delicate it looks inside with the rose petals resting on top. I did try this as an exfoliant on my face, and it worked as I expected. It did not cause breakouts and definitely moisturized my skin, but I really loved using this in the shower as a body scrub. After I cleaned my skin with body soap, I gently scrubbed all over with this product. Not only was my skin super soft from exfoliating, but it was also extremely moisturized. It was so moisturized, that I didn’t have to put on lotion or body butter afterwards.

Here is a little cultural lesson. Brown and black people typically moisturize after the shower. I know there are other ethnicities who do this as well, but it’s very much a necessity for people with darker skin tones. Not only does our skin get drier, but ashiness is much more apparent on our skin. So to be able to step out the shower without having to take that extra step, I was truly amazed. I do recognize that a product like this might be something you could make yourself, but I can guarantee you’re probably not going to be using quality ingredients like these.

Overall, I had a very pleasant experience testing these Nature Goddess Skincare products out. I really enjoyed using all of them! While I may have liked some more than others, all of them were made with quality ingredients that benefited my skin in the end. I will absolutely continue using all of these and I will keep my eyes open for other products from this brand. The ingredients are so so good for your skin, and you really can’t beat the price points for this quality. Thank you to Nature Goddess Skincare! I really appreciate you sending me these to try.

Which one of these products sounds like something you guys would want to try? Do you have a product or brand you want me to review? Leave a comment or contact me for PR.



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