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If you know me, you know that I’ve struggled with acne since I was about 11 years old. That’s a lot of years of picking and popping that I deeply regret! As I’ve educated myself and grown in my skincare journey, I’ve learned how to accept that I’m acne-prone. I’ve also learned how to properly treat breakouts when they come. My treatments include tea tree oil, clay masks, powders, and pimple patches! Pimple patches are very effective when it comes to sucking out surface level whiteheads and blackheads. Unfortunately, it can be tough to get those cystic zits that are bulging under the surface. That’s where ZitSticka comes in!

skin quench


I was sent the ZitSticka KILLA KIT to test out, and it was a great experience! ZitSticka is an Australian pimple patch brand, which is why I can’t help saying the name with a very bad Australian accent. Their product is vegan and cruelty-free–always a plus! As of right now, they just sell the kit that targets deep, hard to reach pimples that can cause extreme discomfort and scarring. There are tons of pimple patches out there these days, but this one is extremely unique.

KILLA KIT comes with 2 steps in this cute little box. Both steps should take place after you’ve cleansed your skin. Step 1 is CLEANA, a cleansing wipe that preps the infected area. It’s a little cotton square soaked in salicylic acid, tea tree oil, vitamin E, and alcohol. Naturally I’d be cautious of the alcohol in here, but because it’s targeting an acneic area, I’m okay with it because it’s working to kill the bacteria in that specific spot. I would NOT suggest using CLEANA on the rest of the face as it’s very drying!

Step 2 is KILLA, the pimple patch of your dreams. On the sticky side of the patch, there are tiny microdarts that infiltrate the infected area. They dissolve into the skin and efficiently work to flatten the raised zit. The patch itself includes powerful ingredients like hyaluronic acid, OG-76 peptide, salicylic acid, niacinamide, and sodium hydroxide.

Upon applying KILLA, I did notice the microdarts penetrating my skin, but it does NOT hurt at all! It’s a gentle prick and honestly feels satisfying and soothing on an inflamed infection. You are supposed to hold it down for about 10 seconds to make sure it’s secure. KILLA is meant to stay on for a minimum of 2 hours, but I left it on overnight as I do with all pimple patches. I found that these stuck really well and did not budge overnight. While I did not try this out, ZitSticka says that you can wear them out during the day. You can even try wearing them under your makeup!

I tried the KILLA KIT for at least 3 days in a row on various types of zits. I tried it on an under-the-surface pimple that was swollen and red, a brand new zit that was starting to form underneath the skin, and a whitehead that was rising up. The first type drastically shrunk over the course of 3 days! I was amazed at how it fought the zit from deep within. I did notice that by the third day, the area was much flatter, and it grew darker as it began to heal.

The second type was astounding to me, as the new zit forming literally disappeared just with one application! It’s great to know how effective ZitSticka is on these kinds of pimples, so that you can plan accordingly as soon as you notice the inflammation. The third type of zit was fairly average. It helped extract the whitehead, but it did not really shrink the inflammation too much. This convinces me that the KILLA KIT is really meant for those deep down irritations, which I am here for!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed using this product! It’s effective, gentle, and fun to use! The KILLA KIT is $29. In the kit you receive 8 cleansing pads and 8 pimple patches. This item was sent to me as PR, but as someone who goes through pimple patches pretty regularly, I can see how these sound pricey.

However, I think that these are high-quality spot treatments that should be designated for those pesky zits that you know will be a problem. I’m hopeful that ZitSticka will come out with more products and more options for quantity in the future. For right now, these bad boys are star patches in my book! They are absolutely worth every penny! Have you tried ZitSticka yet?

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