Korean Skincare: Step 7. Sheet Masks

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Step 7: Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are the most iconic part of the Korean Skincare routine. They have been blowing up across the world, but Korea did it first. What’s so great about sheet masks, and do they even do anything? My short answer is duh, but let me elaborate.

These masks are the best way to deeply hydrate and plump your skin for several hours. Sheet masks come in small packets filled with a liquidy, sometimes creamy, essence. These masks are typically made of cotton, but there are different types like tencel, gel, and knit masks. Some come with a plastic backing as well, so make sure you remove that before applying. I will admit I tried applying a mask with the backing still on once before…I was very confused.

Glow Recipe, Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask

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(This gel mask is soaked in a watermelon serum that smells so fruity and delicious. It helped the rest of my products absorb really easily afterwards. It’s expensive, but pretty nice!)

Sheet masks are made to fit your face with openings around the eyes, nose, and mouth, because they are meant to sit for 10 to 20 minutes (depending on the mask). Some masks come as one piece, while others have 2 pieces for the bottom of your face and the top of your face. Masks like these are the best way to pamper and recoup your skin without spending a ton of money.

Different sheet masks can target different skin concerns like acne, dull skin, or fine lines, but their main goal is to hydrate and moisturize the skin. The mask is what works to lock in all those nutrients and antioxidants from your previous steps. You can really tell the difference when you peel off the mask to unveil significantly brighter, dewier skin.

A lot of people view a sheet mask as a treat, and it is, but I’m a believer in sheet masking every night if you can. My skin is always on it’s best behavior when I sheet mask regularly. Like I said, they lock in all your products so they can penetrate the skin even deeper without evaporating. So why not keep a bundle of masks stocked up? Kudos to you if you have the time and finances to mask every day and night!

Klairs, Rich Moist Soothing Tencel Sheet Mask

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(This mask comes in two pieces and includes ceramides, aloe vera, and centella asiatica. The tencel makes it very smooth. I found this mask to be very hydrating and calming.)

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I’ve paid anywhere from $2 to $6 for a single sheet mask, but there are definitely even pricier masks out there. It all depends on the ingredients and materials in the mask. On that note, I do try to keep my eyes peeled for any shady ingredients. When I splurge on a mask, they usually have quality, natural ingredients. When I’m trying to buy a bundle on Amazon or something like that, some masks might include alcohol or other ingredients I don’t trust. Make sure you do your research! I have experienced a sheet mask or 2 that made my skin tingle, and not in a good way.

As I’ve become a sheet mask connoisseur, I’ve learned a few ways to get the most out of your sheet mask. Here are 7 tips for step 7:

  1. Store your sheet masks in the fridge for a cooling effect. This calms the skin and helps tighten pores.
  2. When you open the sheet mask packet, there will be some spillage so be prepared.
  3. Always remember to unfold your mask all the way before applying. There are flaps all over the place that may be stuck together.
  4. Try and get the mask as tight and flat to your skin as possible. Think of it as a second skin. You want as few air bubbles as possible.
  5. If you use a jade roller, now is a great time to roll out your face and neck. The mask provides a great barrier between the roller and your skin. The essence from the mask provides amazing slip for the roller. 
  6. Cotton masks tend to dry out quickly, which means it will start to draw moisture back out from your skin. Not good! Let these sit for 10 minutes. If they are dripping in essence, or gel masks, they cans sit for 15 to 20 minutes. 
  7. DON’T waste that extra essence guys, please! If there is essence left over in the pouch, rub that all over your chest, arms, legs, everywhere. When you peel off the mask, pat the remaining essence into your skin. Now you’re ready for your next step!

While a lot of sheet masks do similar things for your skin, I wanted to share a few that have really stood out to me as super hydrating, brightening, and healing. Check these masks out:

Peach & Lilly, Peach Slices Sheet Masks

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$2.50 each

I mentioned these sheet masks in my blog post on whiteheads. I usually find these at my local CVS. They are a great option for those who need quick access to a quality sheet mask. Targeted sheet masks can do a lot for your skin. I enjoy all of these products from Peach & Lilly. They really help calm the skin while moisturizing with natural ingredients. These masks have amazing herbal scents to them. Ingredients like willow bark, lemon, chamomile, and lavender really help shrink any active breakouts and soothe the skin. They are very affordable and my go-to when I’m running out of masks.

Manefit, Natural Gift Green Tea Pore Care Sheet Mask

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This is my all time favorite sheet mask, which I discussed in my green tea post! It’s a gel mask that comes in 2 pieces, and really adheres to your skin. I love that there are real green tea leaves embedded in this mask. It smells very clean and natural to me. My skin always feels super calm and hydrated after letting it sit for 20 minutes. It’s sold in a package of 1 mask or 4. This product is a splurge for me, but it’s always a nice treat. You can find it on Soko Glam.

Klavuu, Green Pearlsation Teatree Care Mask

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I’ve mentioned this mask before too, and that’s because I was sincerely astounded by how amazing it was! Klavuu is known for including pearl extract in all their products. This sheet mask also contains tea tree extract and seaweed extract. There was so much essence left over I was leaping for joy. The tea tree scent was present, but not overwhelming.

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The mask sits very nicely on the face and feels super calming while it’s on. I kept this mask on for 20 minutes. Not only was it super nourishing, but it also drastically shrunk my breakouts by the next morning. I was left with ultra bouncy, dewy, and moisturized tight skin. I highly recommend trying this! Search for it on Soko Glam.

Farmacy Beauty, Coconut Gel Sheet Mask

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This sheet mask is so fancy! It comes between these two mesh pieces, to keep the mask in tact and coated in essence. It’s a light blue mask which is really fun. The product contains hyaluronic acid, coconut water, cucumber extract, collagen, and many natural oils. This is one of those masks that’s loaded with essence too.

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I let this sit for 20 minutes. My skin seriously drank this up and the results were clear the next morning! When I wake up with skin that was just as moisturized the night before, I’m always in awe. I purchased this mask at Sephora. It’s pricey for an individual sheet mask, but it’s a nice treat for your skin. Highly recommend!

Enature, Squeeze Green Watery Sheet Mask

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I couldn’t think of a more fitting name for a sheet mask. Soko Glam calls this mask “a green juice for your face” and they are so right. It’s packed with extremely nourishing and hydrating ingredients like birch juice, kale extract, parsley extract, chlorophyll, and avocado oil.

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The pack had tons of essence inside, so I was able to let the mask sit for quite a while without drying out. There was extra for my arms and chest too. With plenty of vitamin B and C, this makes is perfect for revitalizing dull skin. The mask doesn’t quite smell like parsley, but there is a lovely green, herbal smell to it.

When I removed this mask, my face was so bouncy. It gave my skin energy and life like a green juice would. I think this mask is worth the price for how effective it is. Definitely head over to Soko Glam to give this one a try!

A’PIEU, My Skin-Fit Sheet Mask (Sea Buckthorn)

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I’ve just started hearing about sea buckthorn as skincare ingredient. It’s a berry that has brightening effects, without any irritation. The mask also contains kiwi extract and licorice root. The material is made of lyocell, which made this mask very soft and form fitting to my face, a huge plus.

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Again, this mask came with loads of essence, so I was able to hydrate my face and body. The ingredients really soothed my skin. Other benefits include instant brightening and tightening of the pores. The price point was right for this mask. If you have inflamed, irritated, dull, or dry skin, give this one a try. Check it out on Soko Glam.

Some trends are not meant to last, but I can’t ever see sheet masks going out of style. Which mask would you try? Let me know!

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