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Coconut Oil

Welcome to my brand new series that focuses on facial oils! There is an age-old myth that oil is bad for your skin, especially when you already have oily skin. BUT, the beauty industry has learned a lot about how we can really benefit from facial oils over the years!. There are certain oils out there that are non-occlusive, meaning they do NOT block or clog the pores, OR they can be formulated with other ingredients so they don’t clog your pores. In fact, many oils often help the skin as the can mimic natural oils that you already produce. They can also improve uneven skin tone, texture, and acne.

As a combo skin girl, I remember freaking out when I first heard about people putting oil on their skin. With that said, I did my research, tried many different oils, and I’m now an avid believer in oil cleansing (followed up with a water cleanse) and using various facial oils after moisturizing.

It’s important to note that not all oils are created equal! Do NOT just start slathering straight olive oil or vegetable oil on your skin, and expect it to emulsify when you wash it off OR use it as a sealant. Skincare products with oils, or natural oils sold by skincare companies, are specifically formulated or cold pressed to work for your skin in a positive way.

Now figuring out what oil is right for your skin type can be really hard. I’ve been there and I know it can be frustrating, but with trial and error–and research–it’ll all make sense soon enough. And that’s why I’m starting this series! So let’s kick it off with a fan favorite–coconut oil!

I remember a few years back when coconut oil was becoming all the rage here in the states. It was called out as a healthier fatty oil that was great for cooking, baking, oil cleansing the skin, hair treatments (for certain hair types) , and even cleaning/whitening your teeth. I won’t say I fully believed in cleansing my mouth with it, but I was on board for cooking and baking! I even tried cleaning my face with it straight from the jar for a while, which is a big NO NO (I’ll get to shortly).

Coconut oil has many beneficial properties. It’s antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral. It can help improve the moisture content of your skin and hair. Before I tried it on my face, I used it in my DIY deep conditioners for my hair. After a year or two, I learned that it didn’t really do much for my hair type, in that it just sort of sat on top of my strands, rather than penetrated them. It would also cause itchy scalp every now and then.

As I mentioned before, I tried using pure unrefined virgin coconut oil as a moisturizer during my quest to stop my acne naturally, and that was a bust! For the first few days my skin felt so soft and moisturized when I used it. It wasn’t until the next week or so that I noticed abnormal breakouts and uneven skin texture. This is because coconut oil is comedogenic, meaning it can clog pores. Not all skin types have this issue with coconut oil, but those with large pores and oily skin tend to encounter this problem.

Acne-prone and oily people like me might be bummed that they can’t reap the benefits from coconut oil without clogging their pores. BUT, as long as Korean Skincare is innovating new products, there is a way! Products like oil cleansers, sheet masks, and moisturizers with coconut oil or extracts, can work for you as long as they are formulated the right way. Combining unrefined virgin coconut oil with other ingredients gives you a better chance of avoiding negative effects.

Which brings me to the fun part! Let’s take a look at some products I’ve been loving that contain coconut oil:

solved, Coconut Oil Cleansing Pads

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*Gifted, not sponsored

skin quench

These creative oil cleansing wipes are a NEW Soko Glam exclusive! They are 100% cotton and contain only three ingredients: 100% virgin coconut oil and two other ingredients that allow the oil to emulsify upon contact with water. This is what keeps the oil from staying on your face, and clogging your pores–genius!

skin quench

There are 40 pads soaked in this formula. They smell exactly like coconut, so swiping one across your skin is very relaxing. They are also textured pads, which allow for light exfoliation. All you have to do is slip two fingers into the opening and glide it around your face. You can even see the dirt and makeup coming off on the pad. Once you emulsify with water, you’ll get that lovely milky texture, and it washes off perfectly.

I’ve only been using these wipes for a few days, but so far I’m loving them! My skin feels SO soft after my double cleanse. I can’t say whether it is affecting my acne or not yet, because I am experiencing hormonal acne AND it’s only been a few days. I will check back in about this on Instagram in a few more weeks!

My only qualm about this product is the amount of waste created with the disposable wipes. Anything that has to do with individual wipes will inevitably have this issue, but I do feel a moral obligation to point it out! The company however is eco-conscious in regards to the box that the jar comes in; it is made of 100% sugar can fiber, which means it’s biodegradable! They are also vegan and cruelty-free! While these wipes may not work for everyone, I think they are still worth a try, especially if you’re weary about coconut oil! There is also a complimentary Coconut Water Cleansing Foam that pairs with it (I’ve yet to try it). Check them both out on Soko Glam!

Leaders, Recovery Sheet Masks

I’ve tried two sheet masks from this series and I’m obsessed! While they don’t have coconut oil, they do contain coconut extract, and the sheets are made of fermented bio-cellulose coconut gel. They are plant-based masks that hold onto more of essence, and cling to the face really well. You can read more about these individual sheet masks by clicking on their links and photos below, but just know they were both very hydrating, and plumped up my skin like you wouldn’t believe! They are pretty costly for individual sheet masks, but you’ve gotta try them at least once. Find them on Soko Glam!

Moisturizing Recovery Mask

skin quench


*Gifted, not sponsored

Balancing Recovery Mask

skin quench


skin quench

Farmacy Beauty, Coconut Gel Sheet Mask

skin quench


Here’s another great coconut gel sheet mask. Once again, no coconut oil here, but there is coconut water in there! To see my full review of this sheet mask, click HERE! You can purchase this sheet mask at Sephora.

skin quench

Coconuts are our friends people. While I don’t like chewing on the grainy texture so much, I do enjoy coconut water, milk, cream, and oil! Which of these coconut-ty products would you try?

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