Korean Skincare: Jade Rollers

Jade Rollers

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Facial jade rollers exploded across the Western world this past year, but a lot of people don’t really know what they do or how to use them! While these fancy rollers may be new over here, they’ve been around for ages on the other side of the world. In fact, the significance of jade dates back centuries ago.

When it comes to energy and spirituality, the jade stone, or mineral, is known for it’s healing and purifying properties. This may allude to why it was used to create various ceremonial pieces in ancient China. If you believe in the energy of crystals and stones, that’s reason enough to understand why jade is commonly used for this purpose.

As for jade rollers specifically, the jade stone is cut into this smooth shape so it can easily glide across your skin like a rolling pin. Jade rollers can be used everyday, and I prefer to use them on top of my sheet masks (to minimize spreading any bacteria), but you can use them directly on your face.

These rollers have two ends. One side is larger for the bigger surfaces of your face. The other end is chunky and tiny to fit in the crevices around your eyes, nose, and mouth. ALWAYS use very gentle, light pressure when rolling! You never want to add force to your skin. It’s also important to only go over one spot three times, then move on. You don’t want to over do the pressure in one area.

Jade rollers have a few great benefits! Most importantly, they help drain any fluids built up in your face and lymph nodes. The correct way to use it is by rolling outwards (away from the center of your face) and down your neck. Jade rollers also help prevent and improve wrinkles over an extended period of time. Now this could mean months or years, so don’t think your forehead wrinkle will disappear overnight!

My favorite way to provide an added benefit is by chilling the jade roller in the fridge. This creates a relaxing, cooling effect while you massage your skin. People with irritated skin will especially like this, because it will calm and de-puff any redness or breakouts. Last but not least, circulating the blood in your face this way will also activate quicker cell turn over. This could mean your breakouts and dark spots will heal faster.

I’ve learned through experience that it’s best not to clean these with water, because it can cause rusting and decay on the metal part of the roller. I tend to just wipe it down with a bit of toner or cleansing water when I’m done.

I’ve used one jade roller from LanKii before. Unfortunately, that one fell apart on me when I accidentally dropped it! Totally my fault, but I did notice the quality of the roller itself wasn’t that great. It would squeak when I rolled and felt very rickety after just a few weeks of use.

I now have the one featured above from Herbivore and I love it! It’s very smooth and you can tell it’s real jade, because it has a decent weight to it. I purchased this product at Sephora for $30, which I think is a fair price for the quality. I started Jade rolling about 6 months ago and I have noticed some benefits!

My skin is always very calm and my pores tighten after rolling. Not only does it relax my skin, but my mind and body as well. I’ve also noticed that my skin is firmer and more vibrant in these past 6 months. Any breakouts I have seem to heal at a quicker rate as well, but that could be due to many other factors.

Overall, I think a jade roller is a great asset that you can add to your skincare routine. Is it 100% necessary? No, but it will take you to that next So-Ko skin level! Would you try a jade roller?

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