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Snail Mucin

It’s been long enough. Today we are finally getting into snail mucin! Snail mucin was the first Korean skincare ingredient I learned about. I know, I know, it sounds really gross. But once you learn just how magical these little mollusks are, you won’t turn back.

Snail mucin is a holy grail ingredient for a reason. If you really think about it, it only makes sense. We all know that snails drag themselves across the ground and all kinds of surfaces. So how do they keep from tearing their flesh? Snail mucin! That gooey mucus not only protects them, but it helps them heal wounds at a rapid pace. Now imagine what that could do for your skin. Hmm…

When it comes to human flesh, snail mucin provides a plethora of benefits. Because it’s loaded with proteins, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and anti-microbial properties, it firms and tightens the skin. Snail mucin also increases collagen production, deeply moisturizes the skin, and decreases fine lines and wrinkles.

My favorite benefit is the natural healing of acne and balancing of skin tone. Snail mucin is really helpful when it comes to fading hyperpigmentation and acne scars; that’s because it really quickens the pace of cell regeneration.

I can attest to this people! The first time I used snail mucin in a night cream, I noticed a massive difference the next morning. My skin was at least two shades brighter, it was smooth, soft, and any blemishes were half the size. We really have to thank snails for this.

I do want to mention that snails are not harmed in these processes. In fact, it would be more difficult to retrieve snail mucin if they were harmed. Snails that are raised in captivity, are cared for in an environment that allows them to live as normally as possible and rest when needed. In turn, they will be able to produce an optimal amount of mucin.

The types of snails used are the kind that are also used for escargot and other food. Food safe means skin safe! The Roman snail and the garden snail are a couple of popular species. The giant African snail is another type. They are much bigger and even though they may not be used for food, they have been tested and deemed safe for topical use.

While I can’t speak for every brand, I know that one way companies can extract snail mucin is by putting snails over a mesh net. This usually occurs in a quiet, dark room because that is the environment that snails prefer. Then the snails are left to do their thing! They squirm around, secreting and leaving mucin behind.

This makes me happy because there is no stress on the snails. They may be gross, but they’re living creatures too! It’s good to note that it’s illegal to test on animals in Korea too.

The snails are only at work for 30 minutes until they are relocated back to their homes. The snail mucin is then properly processed for cosmetics.

You’ve read this far so I’m sure by now you’re wondering how you can get snail mucin into your routine. I like to think I have a generous soul, so read on to check out products with snail mucin that are so worth it:

COSRX, Advanced Snail 92 All in one Cream

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I mentioned this snail cream in my K-Beauty series and it’s worth some more love. This is the first Korean moisturizer I ever used. Let me tell you, the moment I woke up to velvety soft, bright, healed skin, I never looked back! It’s great for those with acne, fine lines, uneven skin tone, you name it. This cream is 92% snail mucin, it includes hyaluronic acid, adenosine, and more. The texture is very thick and stretchy, but never sticky.

The jar lasts quite a while with 3.5 oz. I usually purchase it on Amazon for any price between $16-$22. It depends on what’s available, and how desperate I am. Either way, it’s a great price. This is my go-to if my skin has been out of whack and I need to reset. Make sure the seller is COSRX if you purchase on Amazon. There are always fake products floating around out there that may not be safe.

COSRX, Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

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I’ve also discussed this essence, and it’s a real winner. This COSRX snail essence is a K-Beauty favorite. It was one of the first essences I tried and a reliable one at that. This convenient pump bottle is filled with 96% snail mucin and hyaluronic acid. Snail mucin is an extremely important ingredient in K-Beauty. It’s known to heal acne, brighten scars, fight signs of aging, as well as tighten, firm, and moisturize the skin. In fact, I’ve seen all these improvements when using this product.

This essence is on the sticky side, but a little goes a long way. It’s a great way to introduce an essence into your routine. Simply pump into your hands 2 to 3 times and pat into your face and neck. There is 3.38 oz. of product in the bottle for $17-$19, which is a very good price. You can easily find this product on Soko Glam, Amazon, and possibly Ulta. If you are lost on essences, definitely start here.

SMD Cosmetics, Saromae Snail Secretion Cream

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Here’s another blast from the past. I’ve only tried a sample of this cream but it has me wanting more! It’s reminds me of the COSRX snail cream, but on steroids. It’s jam packed with 62% snail mucin extract, licorice root, hyaluronic acid, peptides, niacinamide, thyme, rosemary, lavender, and so many other natural oils and extracts.

I can see this working for all skin types. It’s so incredibly moisturizing, it absorbs in instantly, and has great healing properties for pretty much all skin concerns. The texture reminds me of fresh, smooth chocolate ganache. The cream is very pricey, but after using it once or twice, you’ll realize that a little goes a long way. Keep this splurge item in mind! Find it on Soko Glam.

DEWYTREE, Ultra Vitalizing Snail Essence Water

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This DEWYTREE Snail Essence has become one of my favorites! It was a gift from Soko Glam. The product contains 10% snail ferment filtrate, adenosine, aloe leaf extract, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and more. There is a faint floral smell to it, which I found very lovely. I also love the packaging of this line; it’s very luxurious. The pump bottle is very convenient as well.

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As per the title this essence has a watery texture, but still has some viscosity to it. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the overall texture of my skin while using this. It has aided in fading my acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and healing my acne. Not to mention it really brightens the skin. I would recommend this product for all skin types. This price point is spot on for the quality and quantity of this product. It’s so worth a try! Check it out on Soko Glam.

DEWYTREE, Ultra Vitalizing Snail Serum

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This Snail Serum was also gifted to me by Soko Glam. I’ve been using it in conjunction with the Snail Essence. The ingredients include 78% snail secretion filtrate, trehalose, adenosine, aloe leaf extract, and other ingredients similar to the essence. I didn’t notice too much of a scent.

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The texture is where this product differs. Because of the high content of snail mucin, it is very viscous and thick. What’s nice about this formula is that it doesn’t feel sticky. I think the increased amount of snail mucin has really quickened the healing effects of the product.

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Within two weeks of using both these products, my skin has become smoother, my complexion is more even, and my blemishes continue to fade everyday. There is a small amount of product here, but a little goes a long way. You really only need one pump. If you are especially looking to heal blemishes, I highly recommend this serum. It is definitely pricey, but it’s worth the money! Search for it on Soko Glam.

The idea of putting snail secretions on your face is difficult to wrap your mind around at first, but so many products are incorporating it lately and for good reason. There are several effective innovations out there like the SKEDERM Snail Jelly Sheet Masks. What great snail products have you tried?

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