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The INKEY List is a very popular UK brand that seems to have popped up overnight. They are comparable to DECEIM’s The Ordinary, as they focus on minimal ingredients and packaging. I was very intrigued to learn that The INKEY List is unique, in that all of their formulas are based around 15 hero ingredients. These ingredients range from hyaluronic acid to kaolin clay and more. I did have some concern about certain silicones and such in their formulas, but I felt better after learning more here.

The INKEY List is an affordable, cruelty-free brand that creates many different products, so you can customize your skincare regimen. Their products (at least what I’ve tried) last for 6 months, which doesn’t seem like an issue, because they are a small enough quantity to use within that amount of time. You can find their products in store and online at Sephora in the US. The INKEY List kindly gifted me 5 items (thank you!). As always, these products may have been sent to me as PR, but my review is 100% my opinion. Now let’s dive in!

Caffeine Eye Cream

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This eye serum is meant to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. I believe it can be used as a serum under a thicker eye cream, or on it’s own. Important ingredients include jojoba esters, squalane, caffeine, radish root ferment filtrate, and hyaluronic acid. It’s a very lightweight cream that spreads nicely, and really hydrates the eye area. There is also no fragrance to this product.

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I really enjoyed this cream! I use it on its own in the morning, and under a heavier eye cream at night. I have noticed some brightening and calming effects as well! I think this would be great for any skin type. The tube holds 0.5 oz. of product, and a little goes a long way. It’s definitely worth it for a quick and easy eye refresher.

Polyglutamic Acid

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Polyglutamic Acid is a very effective hydrator that claims to be 4X more hydrating than hyaluronic acid, which is a big deal! This serum also includes glycerin, rice bran extract, and “Invisaskin 2%” (a water-soluble film that adheres to the skin). It can be used morning and night, and it can mixed with any active ingredients. This product includes dimethicone, so it feels very smooth in texture, and there is somewhat of a sterile scent to it, but not in a bad way.

I don’t know about 4X as moisturizing as hyaluronic acid, but I did find this serum extremely hydrating. That hydration lasted me all day as well. I actually found that once I incorporated this serum, amongst the rest of these items, my skin began to clear up! Since using it for the past month or so, I’ve had very minimal large, cystic pimples, which I tend to struggle with on my cheeks.

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Dimethicone is a controversial skincare ingredient, as it’s an occlusive that blocks the pores and tends to cause breakouts. However, I have a theory that the dimethicone was actually helping seal off my skin (creating a barrier) and preventing bacteria from getting into my pores–therefore decreasing my breakouts. Everyones skin is different, but I feel like that’s what was going on because my positive effects were nearly instant with this product; I was very happy about it! While $14.99 sounds like a lot for 1 oz. of product, this has surprisingly lasted me a long time. Depending on how your skin reacts to dimethicone, I’d give this a try.

Vitamin C Cream

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You all know I LOVE vitamin C! This serum works to brighten hyperpigmentation and improve fine lines. I was eager to try this one because it contains 30% L-Ascorbic Acid, AKA vitamin C. That’s a A LOT! There is also dimethicone in this formula, so it smooths across the skin very well. The formula is sort of thick, but melts into the skin easily. It has a slight vitamin C scent to it, but it’s not overpowering.

Many people are wary of the high percentage of vitamin C in this serum, however I have built up a tolerance over an extended period of time, so I wasn’t as concerned. I did mix it in with my moisturizer, so that it’d be gentler on my skin. I noticed a tingle the first 2 to 3 times I used it, but that decreased very quickly with regular use. It can be used morning and night, as long as you’re NOT combining it with other actives.

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I was VERY pleased with this serum! In fact, it’s my favorite vitamin C serum at the moment. The higher percentage has really been helping fade dark spots and at a very fast rate. It’s kept my skin extremely bright and even. A little goes a long way as well. This is definitely a new staple for me! The 1 oz. has lasted me a long time because you only need a tiny bit. If you are experienced with vitamin C, you should ABSOLUTELY try this guy out!

Retinol Serum

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I’ve had issues with retinol in the past, so I was intrigued by this serum. It’s meant to improve hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and skin texture. It contains 1% retinol, 0.5% granactive retinoid, squalane, soybean extract, 2 types of hyaluronic acid, and radish root ferment filtrate. It has a beautiful golden color with a very creamy texture. I’m not sure why, but it smelled like cinnamon to me– I wasn’t mad at it though! As this is a retinol, it should be used as much as your skin can handle, NEVER mixed with other actives, and ONLY at nighttime.

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I’m always looking for a retinol that will work for me, because I know how great the results can be. It may be too early to say, *knocks on wood* but I think that this might be the one! It’s SO gentle, moisturizing, and the results are real. I’m only using it one night a week, and I always have smooth skin that is noticeably brighter and fresh the next morning! I think this is great for people just starting with retinol, or those who are sensitive to other formulations. As always, remember to use SPF, especially when incorporating a retinol into your routine. It’s another product that is 1 oz. and lasts for a long time. I highly recommend this serum!

Multi-Biotic Moisturizer

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There are so many moisturizers from The INKEY List that I’d like to try, but I was happy to start out with this one. It’s meant to even out skin texture, tone, and culture, while moisturizing the skin without a heavy or sticky residue. It includes probiotics, or good bacteria. There is also “Brightenyl 2%,” squalane, oat kernel oil, “Yogurtene Balance 5%” (yogurt powder), and hyaluronic acid. It’s very lightweight and there is quite a funky fragrance. It reminds me of cheese or some type of fermented food. I assume that’s due to the good bacteria that’s in here, but it dissipates after it’s massaged into the skin, so I didn’t mind it.

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I really liked this moisturizer! It melts into the skin so quickly and it’s extremely moisturizing for how light it is. I also noticed a brighter, more even complexion, as well as less breakouts after using it. It can be used morning and night, however I chose to use it at night. It mixes very well with facial oils for an extra boost of moisture too. I thought it wouldn’t last very long because there is only 1 oz. of product, but it has been going strong! I think it’s absolutely worth a try for uneven, problematic skin.

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I was very impressed with The INKEY List! I felt that all of these products did what they claimed to do, there were no negative effects, and I came out the other end a GLOWING QUEEN! I’m definitely going to continue incorporating most, if not ALL of these into my skincare routine. Overall, the brand is an ideal, affordable, and effective option. Have you guys tried this incredible brand yet?!

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