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I’ve tried a few ACWELL products–via Soko Glam–over the past couple of years, so I feel more than ready to review some of their products! ACWELL is Korean Skincare brand, that keeps sensitive skin in mind, and works to improve it while preventing any future issues, at a neutral pH of 5.5. They’re also a vegan and clean beauty brand. Now, let’s get started with a product that I’ve been on quite an interesting journey with.

Licorice pH Balancing Cleansing Toner

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This toner acts as a 2nd or 3rd cleanser, because it’s meant to clean your skin even further. It also works to brighten dark spots and acne scars, as well as assist in calming irritation. Soko Glam claims it’s a great base for Honey Skin, which I’m sure contributes to why it won a Best of K-Beauty Award. There are some great ingredients in here like licorice water and extract, peony flower extract, green tea extract and more. The licorice scent really comes through, but to me it smells like marshmallow candies. It feels very smooth and calming when applied to the skin. The toner also has a watery texture with a brown tint.

I first tried this toner over 2 years ago, and I did not like it! For some reason, I felt I wasn’t seeing a change in my skin after regular use. Now that I have a little more knowledge, I can say that I didn’t give this product enough time to work it’s magic. I was also going through issues with diet and possibly tap water, so I shouldn’t have held any products accountable for negative reactions at this time.

I decided to give it a try again this past summer when Soko Glam was selling the Duo of this jumbo sized toner, with the paired essence mist. I fell in love this second time around! It’s so calming for my acne, it helps smooth uneven skin texture, and I absolutely have noticed brightening effects over time. Not to mention I see more dirt coming off on the cotton pads, even after double cleansing! I did get lucky with the jumbo size of 11 oz. but I do think the classic 5 oz. bottle is very affordable too. If you want clean, calm, happy skin, give this a try and stick with it!

Licorice pH Balancing Essence Mist

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I’ve mentioned this essence mist over and over again, and that’s because it truly is my holy grail these days! It’s a collaboration product by Soko Glam X Acwell. This essence was created based off of the toner because of how popular it was. It’s pretty cool to see that this mist became a favorite as well, and won it’s own Best of K-Beauty Award. This super star mist has ultra calming, nourishing, and moisturizing ingredients like licorice root extract, bamboo water, algae extract, royal jelly extract and centella asiatica leaf water.

This essence has a milky texture which really adds to it’s moisturizing qualities. The scent reminds me of an Earl Grey tea with milk and honey, mmm. I usually mist this product all over my face and pat into the skin. It instantly soaks in, brightens, hydrates, and provides that bouncy quality. It can be applied at the essence stage, to set your makeup, and/or as a refresher throughout the day. I love using it as an essence and a refresher. I find myself going through the product more quickly because of this. With that being said, I think this essence is at a great price point at 3.8 fl. oz. I really can’t go about my day without it. Please try it out if you haven’t already!

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5.5 Super-Fit Calming Full Mask

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If you’re looking to calm irritated skin or soothe acne, this is the mask for you! It’s formulated with centella asiatica extract, pennywort extract, rosewood oil and calamine. Let me just point out now, the sheet masks in this line are the perfect size and fit for my face. They’re also soaked in essence, which is always desirable! I enjoyed the smell of this particular mask as it was calming and natural. I let it sit for 15 minutes.

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I love when sheet masks show results right away! After removing this one, my skin appeared so bright, bouncy, moisturized, and calm. I had a breakout or two when I was trying it, and I have to say they were greatly reduced the next day. My skin felt so soft and happy. I think $3.50 is a great price for an effective mask like this. Definitely check it out!

5.5 Super-Fit Clear Mask

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This mask is formulated to brighten the skin while hydrating it. I believe it will also help heal breakouts. Lovely ingredients include niacinamide, allantoin, caffeine, lavender oil, rosemary oil, clary oil and licorice root extract. The smell is SO relaxing, especially because of the lavender. There is also a slightly creamy essence in this pouch.

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My skin was a dream after using this mask. Again, it was plump, dewy, and calm. I felt the brightening effects instantly with this one. I think all skin types can benefit from this mask, especially those with hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone. Another well worth it product!

5.5 Super-Fit Moisture Mask

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Your skin won’t lose moisture for a long time with this mask! It works to lock in hydration. Star ingredients include glycerin, niacinamide, betaglucan, shea butter, allantoin, rosewood oil and adenosine. This mask also had a natural smell to it, and the essence felt so nourishing the moment the mask was applied.

skin quench

I found that this sheet mask really helped strengthen my skin barrier, and boosted my moisture levels. My skin felt so smooth, juicy and healthy afterwards too. I think this is a great mask for anyone at anytime to give your skin a little extra love! There was at least one other mask in this line I wanted to try, but hopefully I’ll be able to check it out when it’s back in stock. Maybe I’ll tack it onto this review in the future. I’d say check this Moisture Mask out for sure!

ACWELL is a brand that delivers nourishing, healing products that truly work. They are gentle yet effective, what more could you ask for? Have you tried any of ACWELL’s products yet?

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