And Then, I Met You Again

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Then I Met You is a brand that I fell deeply in love with from the very beginning. If you’ve read my first review on their Cleansing Duo from over a year ago, you’ll understand just how special they are! So you can imagine how excited I was when they launched the next steps: The Skin Balancing Duo.

The Skin Balancing Duo

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This duo is the next two steps of the classic Korean Skincare Routine–toner and essence. The Cleansing Duo really knocked it out of the park, so there was a lot of hype around TIMY’s new babies. Once I revealed their luxurious glass packaging, I was so ready to dive in! I’ve been trying The Skin Balancing Duo since the New Year, as it was a Christmas gift from Mr. SQ, so I’ve got some tea to spill skinthusiasts! Let’s imbibe, shall we?

Birch Milk Refining Toner

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I have read rave reviews about this toner smoothing the skin and helping to cure hormonal acne. I know, right?! I had to see for myself. It’s meant to gently exfoliate the skin while simultaneously hydrating it. As always, these products have incredible natural ingredients. There is 76% birch juice, glycolic and lactic acid, marshmallow extract, squalane, gluconolactone (PHAs), hyaluronic acid, shea butter and wintergreen extract in here. The consistency is slightly milky and runny. There isn’t much of a scent, however the birch juice and wintergreen extract do come through a bit, which I enjoy.

Now I can see why everyone is in love with this toner! I noticed from day one how smooth and even my skin was after using it. The biggest win is that with consistent use, I truly have had very minimal breakouts, specifically those deep, red under-the-surface ones. While I’m sure other products in my routine have contributed to that, I did see a drastic difference once I added this toner into the mix. I apply it by simply pouring a few drops into my palms and patting it into my skin, after using the Cleansing Duo. It really hydrates the skin, and the exfoliating properties are not harsh at all! The PHAs make it gentle to use every morning and night (obviously you need to make sure you’re wearing SPF during the day).

One side note–I will say that I tested using it during my vitamin C and Retinol routines to see if my skin could handle it. While it didn’t cause any burns or irritation, after a while I did notice the texture of my skin wasn’t as smooth; there was a tad bit of dryness (in my dry areas) over time. I’d just advise you to study what your skin can and can’t handle, before mixing actives. I still stand by AVOIDING mixing these ingredients, but there are exceptions every now and then depending on the percentages.

This toner is pricey at $32 for 3.38 fl. oz., however it’s clear that the ingredients are high quality. It lasted me about three months which is a decent amount of time, so I believe it’s worth it. While this may not be a consistent product in my routine since running out, it is absolutely something I’d love to purchase again in the future.

skin quench
Pictured: The Giving Essence, Soothing Tea Cleansing Gel, Birch Milk Refining Toner, Living Cleansing Balm

The Giving Essence

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Essence as we know is a very Korean step in a skincare routine, so I was so excited for the K-Beauty Queen herself–Charlotte Cho–to gift us with her very own! This beautiful pink-hued product works to hydrate, plump, brighten, gently exfoliate and calm the skin. It also provides antioxidants and helps improve hyperpigmentation and fine lines. It’s made with luxe components including 80% fermented natural ingredients (galactomyces and more), berry extracts, ellagic acid, polyglutamic acid (even more hydrating than hyaluronic acid), red algae, turmeric and licorice extracts! There’s a lot more goodness in here, but I’ll give you a moment to catch your breath.

I’m sure the beautiful color and the scent can be attributed to the berries. It’s smells so fresh, almost like a natural fruit tea and I love it! This essence is watery, with a very slight viscosity to it. I apply this essence by adding a few drops into my palms and patting into the skin as well. The results with this product are instant! My skin just drinks it up and feels so bouncy, soft and happy. Not to mention it makes my glow NEXT LEVEL! It’s hard to explain how it brightens my skin, but it just provides a little something extra that urges you to stop and stare when you catch your reflection. This essence definitely contributed to filling out fine lines and fading some dark spots as well. It is truly a Giving Essence.

I think this product is very special, however it is quite expensive. While it’s $50 for the 3.38 fl. oz. I will say it’s absolutely worth it. My skin loves this stuff guys! There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it! It’s also cheaper to buy the duo, so that’s a nice option to have. You can purchase them on the TIMY website and Soko Glam now too! We all know how excited I am for those Soko points. Overall, they are both splurge items for sure, but I think they are so worth experiencing just so you can see what amazing skincare really is.

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I have to close this review with how these products tie into the Jeong Factor. The Skin Balancing Duo exceeded my expectations as the following steps for the innovative Cleansing Duo. Not only are they thoughtfully formulated, they play so well in conjunction with the other products. In using all four, I found myself thinking about how the products themselves have Jeong. They were created to fit together, and yield amazing results, creating nothing but happiness and ease that just makes sense. While you can explain their peaceful coexistence with science, there is something a little bit magical about this family of four.

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With that, I’m tipping my hat to Charlotte Cho and the TIMY team YET AGAIN, for creating something that is unmatched; this duo is effective, powerful, gentle and satisfying. It hits all the marks when it comes down to the foundation of what a toner and essence should be, and lightyears beyond. I can’t add anything else besides, you have to go and try these game changers for yourself!

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