good (skin) days Are Here


Skin Quench wouldn’t exist without Soko Glam. I discovered them after months of dealing with cystic acne caused by hormonal issues. They’re the most prominent curation website for innovative, top-notch Korean Skincare. Soko Glam has been my safe haven for quality skincare ever since. With collaborations to create skincare products along the way, I imagined how great it would be if they would create their own product line one day. Well that day has come– good (skin) days are here!

skin quench
skin quench

It’s their first skincare line that is approachable, affordable and effective, with all skin types in mind! good (skin) days is cruelty-free, clean and vegan. They are also specifically created by Soko Glam Labs and sold exclusively on Soko Glam’s website. I was so grateful to receive the full line as a gift. I made sure to take my time with this one, so buckle up for my thoughts!

A New Leaf Cream Cleanser

skin quench


This gentle cleanser is meant to wash away your impurities while nourishing, balancing and soothing the skin. It’s formulated with great ingredients like mugwort, celery, broccoli and green tea extracts. It has a very clean scent with earthy notes. The texture is creamy and it lathers into a nice, silky foam. This cleanser also has a pH of 6, so it’s close to the natural pH of the skin (around 5).

skin quench
skin quench

I was pleasantly surprised by this cleanser! I used it for my second cleanse, and it really helped my skin feel clean and soothed without being too stripping. I enjoyed the flecks of mugwort to gently exfoliate, and the lather was so luxurious as well. I think it’s an amazing option for every skin type, especially those with sensitized skin. Not to mention it’s very affordable and long-lasting! I could see using this cleanser all year-round. I finished it off on my body but this easily can last up to 6 months because a little goes a long way. It’s definitely a cleanser you can rely on to take care of your skin!

Prime Time Cleansing Toner

skin quench


Korean toners are famous for being extremely hydrating and smoothing, so I had high expectations for this one! This toner works to soothe, hydrate, clean, balance and lightly exfoliate the skin in one step. Powerful ingredients include pumpkin, papaya and maple extracts, as well as witch hazel and a few herbal oils. The texture is very watery, and the scent is quite nice. All of the extracts and oils come together to create a light floral, almost sweet scent, and it wasn’t too overwhelming. This toner has a pH of 4.5.

skin quench
skin quench

I have to say they knocked it out of the park with this one! It does everything I look for in a toner. My skin visibly became smoother over time with this product, and of course it felt like velvet as well! I found the exfoliation to be very mild which is ideal for an everyday toner. When a toner hits all the marks, I always look for that little extra cleansing oomph, almost like a third cleanse. I’m happy to report we can check that box too! When swiping the toner across my skin with a cotton pad, I found that it helped remove any residual dirt, even after double-cleansing. It layers well for those colder months, so I also enjoy patting it into my skin with my hands. I’ll absolutely be purchasing this product in the future!

C’s The Day Serum

skin quench


Carpe Diem! C’s The Day! Ok, now that I’ve got that out of my system, I was eager to see what this Vitamin C serum could do. Vitamin Cs can lean towards the tacky/sticky side, so I was curious about how they would make this formula unique. This serum aims to brighten the complexion, improve the skin tone and minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. Ingredients to take note of are 10% ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), ginseng, camu camu, mushroom and licorice extracts, as well as niacinamide and arbutin. The texture is runny yet slightly viscous. It is not tacky at all and almost has the texture of an essence. There is no scent and the pH is 4-4.5.

skin quench
skin quench

This Vitamin C serum is a force to be reckoned with! Serums like this can be a little too powerful or irritating, but the low percentage of Vitamin C and additiononal nourishing ingredients really elevate the formula. I found this to be very easy to apply; just a couple of drops on the face is all you need. It smoothes across the skin nicely, absorbs right in and it’s extremely hydrating! The lack of tackiness makes this product really stand out from some of the other Vitamin Cs I’ve tried in the past. I always believe everyone can benefit from incorporating a Vitamin C into their routine. This one is a top tier choice at a nice price and it’s especially great for beginners. I can’t recommend this enough!

On The Bright Side Moisturizer

skin quench


Finishing off the routine on a high note, we have this lightweight yet super effective moisturizer. It helps deeply boost and nourish the skin without feeling too heavy or greasy. Skin-loving ingredients include rice ferment water, probiotics, madecassoside and ceramides. The texture is very airy and there is no scent. The pH of this product is 5.5-6.

skin quench

I quickly fell in love with this moisturizer! It’s smooths onto the skin so nicely and instantly gives you that burst of hydration, plumping up the skin. I think it’s perfect for every season. If you need a little extra moisture in the winter, layering a facial oil on top of it works really well. I especially love that there are ingredients in here that really care for your skin barrier. And of course, this product pairs well with any active ingredients in your routine. I did go through this moisturizer the fastest, but I still think the price is fair for the quantity and quality.

I have to give a big ol’ curtsy to the innovators at Soko Glam for this entire line! Each product is well-crafted, and they work even better together. I love their bright yellow packaging, which makes me feel cheerful when doing my skincare routine. I especially love the packaging of the moisturizer. I’m also very happy to see they were able to offer such quality products with drug-store pricing. It’s a great counterpart to Co-Founder Charlotte Cho’s luxury brand, Then I Met You. I’ve even paired products from both lines together and my skin was in heaven. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to give these a try Soko Glam! I’d love to know which of these products you’ve tried or which one’s you’d like to try!

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